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Just a Quick Update

Happy Sunday! I hope this has been a good day for you. I’ve been surprisingly productive today! Late last week I accidentally published my ‘Recommended Resources’ page with nothing on it. If you saw that, I’m so sorry! Time got away from me and I didn’t update it before the scheduled post date. However, today I updated it with several ministries that mean a lot to me.

World Vision is the first one on the list. I’ve been a World Vision Child Ambassador for about 5 years now. I’m one of those people who try to encourage you to sponsor a child! The first child I sponsored was a boy who was born the exact day as my grandson. I want that young man to have the best life possible. Just like his counterpart here. It’s fun to watch these boys a world apart grow up!

Anthem of Hope is next. That is a ministry run by Jarrid Wilson and his wife Juli. Jarrid is a pastor at a church in Southern California and struggled with depression and anxiety for years. He started this ministry to shed light on mental health in the Christian community and provide resources for those suffering. Since I’ve had these same issues for as long as I can remember, this ministry is a sweet blessing to me.

Next up is Nabeel Qureshi’s website. Nabeel was a special man who’s book changed my life. You’ll read more about that here in the coming week or so. Nabeel was raised Muslim and converted to Christianity while in college. His book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” is coming out in a 3rd edition next week. I’ll be doing a blog post about that on Friday as part of a ‘blog tour’. Nabeel passed away in September of 2017 from stomach cancer.

The Immigration Project is exactly what it sounds like. It was started by Rondell Trevino in response to our current immigration crisis in this country. Jesus says to care for immigrants. I can’t say we’re doing a great job of that right now…

The last two links are a couple ministries at the church where I’ve been a member for 16 years. The first is Value Life. This is a ministry to women in crisis pregnancies. There is NOTHING these women need that this ministry doesn’t provide. Including love and care. It’s amazing and wonderful. The last is the Community Outreach Ministry. The members of our church do some incredible things to help ‘the least of these’ in Columbus Ohio. Including tutoring in the schools and cleaning up the schools themselves. It’s a blessing. God must smile at that!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check these out. I’ll add more, and books as well, as I blog more. Have a blessed rest of your Sunday!

Oh–if you can think of a resource you think would be good to share here, leave a comment! I’ll take a look and might just add it as well!