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A Tribute to Nabeel

I’ve read a lot of tributes to Nabeel in the past few days. Most from people who knew him personally, but some from people who, like me, had never met him but felt a great loss with his passing. Nabeel wrote some books that touched my life. Nabeel touched my heart.

I’m not sure those of us who were raised in church can fully appreciate all that Nabeel went through and all he gave up to follow Jesus. I was thinking the other day about this. Do we realize that Jesus is the pearl of great price? Would you sell all you had to have him? Nabeel basically did. Millions of people have. But what have you given up? What are you willing to give up? What’s he worth to you?

These questions were brought home to me after reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

Nabeel knew what he would lose. It took him years of searching and studying to be sure of what he was doing. God was working in him all that time in the best way. The Nabeel way. He loved to learn. He loved to research and investigate. He needed to prove things for himself. God knows us all so well. He knows how to woo each one of us to himself.

God also knew how Nabeel felt about his family. He loved his parents and sister more than anything. Would you give up your family if you’re called to do so? I can’t even imagine. I sure hope I would. The pain involved would be so great.

God called Nabeel to suffer for him. He calls us all to, really. Nabeel started his walk with God in pain from losing his family. (Happily, and by God’s grace, Nabeel and his family reconciled and they spent a lot of time with him in the past year.) He ended his earthly walk in pain as well. In between there was the constant pain from Muslims who bad mouthed him and/or threatened him. He stood strong to his final breath.

I guess it’s been about 3 years since I learned who Nabeel Qureshi was. I read his first book and was so blessed by it. I followed him on Facebook and Twitter. I was on the book launch teams for his last 2 books. I was stunned and cried when he told us about his diagnosis. I watched all the video updates. It’s amazing to me how generous and selfless he was. He did videos from all over the place through every phase of treatment. I learned so much about God and His goodness and mercy just from those videos. He shared Jesus till the end.

I feel like I knew him. I do know this-he’s my brother and I’ll see him in Heaven one day.

Well done, Nabeel. You’ll be so missed.

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